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CSA Program

Subscribe For The 2017 Season

We are exited to start our 5th year CSA!!! We greet our returning customers and welcome our new customers! Our produce is grown in Franklinville and Monroeville, New Jersey without chemicals or pesticides using compost, crop rotation, mulches and old fashioned hand labor! Mix that with heirloom favorites and make a menu! We also send out a weekly email with recipes and tips and explanations of what is in the box and how to cook, preserve, pickle, ferment or dehydrate!

Our goal is to bring you the freshest and finest locally grown produce. Our produce is mostly heirloom and naturally grown which means we do not use any chemicals on it. Why not USDA Certified Organic? We meet our customers face to face and do not need the appeal to authority seal or the cost to us (and you) or to the taxpayer who foots the rest of the bill. We use organic process, crop rotation, composting, mulching, manual weed removal and natural techniques and keep it local growing in the community we serve. We do bring a few locally produced items that are conventionally grown by local family independent farms including peaches, apples, sweet corn and mushrooms and a few others. Our product listing is a varied selection of greens, fruits, vegetables typical to the Delaware Valley. For a complete product listing contact us.

How To Subscribe

Choose your plan (either full season, first half, or second half season). Mail or drop off a check made out to Joe Kiefer for the full amount, or a $100 deposit with the balance due on the first CSA day pickup. Credit cards will be accepted for payment soon.

Mail checks to:
Joe Kiefer c/o Triple Oaks Nursery
PO Box 385
Franklinville, NJ 08322
(856) 694-4272


Full Season 2017 gets you a produce box every week from May 27th to October 21st. Pickup is at Triple Oaks Nursery, 2359 Delsea Drive, Franklinville, NJ 08322 on Saturdays after 12 noon. You may also pick up your produce box on Sunday or Monday. If you cannot pick up you may arrange for a friend or family member to pick it up, or we can donate to a local church food bank.

The first half season starts May 21st and runs to July 30th. This season starts off featuring more cool season crops and gets to the beginning of the warm season crops like tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. All terms and items the same as the full season.
*Every other week half season is also possible May-October.

The second half season starts August 6th and runs until October 15th. This season starts in summer with the warm season crops and goes into cool season crops towards fall.
*Every other week half season is also possible May-October.