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COVID-19 Availability & Policies

At Triple Oaks we're learning as we go, and doing our best to safely bring you the essential natural living products that can bring joy and health to you and your family and friends. Here are some ideas and notes we thought might be helpful to you and to communicate with you, our customer during this unprecedented and challenging time.

• It is mandatory in New Jersey to wear a mask at any business. Make sure you have a mask or face covering to enter the building at Triple Oaks. This is mandatory by law and has been proven to be effective in reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

• Our normal hours are shortened by 1 hour in the morning and one hour in the evening so 10-5 Weekdays 9-5 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. You may come in by appointment later especially as the season goes on and temperatures warm up. Look for an update on hours as we extend them normally every season but we have not decided on what that will be this year

• We are OPEN to shop, especially outside, however we are also offering CURBSIDE PICKUP as well as all DELIVERY options as usual. You may shop at Triple Oaks, especially outside! If you would like to enter our store, please check that there are not too many people inside, and it is best social distancing practice to be alone in the store (or with those you came here with) one at a time. Please maintain a 6' distance between anyone. It's best to stay outside but you are welcome to come inside with a mask.

• FRESH FLOWERS DELIVERY As always we offer fresh flower delivery with great designs and awesome quality fresh flowers! Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday May 10th! You can put in your fresh flower orders now. We also do live plant baskets, fruit baskets, herb baskets as well as custom arrangements, custom and artistic vases, centerpieces and just about any specialty flower arrangement you can imagine!

• We are landscaping and planting. If you need landscape design or planting service, this is going on as normal. We are a little bit behind on landscaping consultations which at this time are only done by email or texted photos and phone consultation or if you visit in person by appointment. We have suspended most on your site landscape consultations at this time but we are still offering our full free landscaping consultation services.

• We are taking measures for your safety! We are sanitizing doorknobs, light switches, faucets, surfaces and floors. No matter what we do though, it is also important for you to act as well, wearing a mask, and also being aware of what you touch. Avoid touching doorknobs, faucets, surfaces by wearing gloves, or by having a paper towel or tissue to touch things with that you can throw away. Remember gloves or other items once used may be contaminated so keep this in mind. Please do not litter on our property, or anywhere for that matter.

• If you are home, we can help. Gardening is very healthy on many levels. It gets you outdoors in the sunlight for exercise, the sun is cleansing and harmful to the virus, and boosts your immune system. Gardening reduces blood pressure, and lets you stretch, and is a low impact and healthful activity. We can deliver to you, offer curbside pickup, or you may shop outdoors in our nursery, and also visit our store if you have a mask and practice strict social distancing.

We are still open 7 days a week and here for delivery, curbside pickup, or shopping in our nursery and you may carefully with social distancing enter our store.

Thank you for your support! Please be safe and be careful!