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Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden (Triple Oaks LLC) has been in business for over 30 years and strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Any issues a customer may have or specific encounter, the owners of Triple Oaks urge you to let us know and we will do our best to make it right.

We may be reached at (856) 694-4272 or greatplants@tripleoaks.com and our discussion forum for technical questions is at this link: http://members5.boardhost.com/tripleoaks/ Customer service issues are to be emailed to the above address or called in. The discussion forum is for technical questions and not customer service inquiries and any off topic posts will be removed and handled by email or phone.


There are no cash refunds. With permission, merchandise can be returned unused and unopened in the exact same condition it left here within 24 hours for a store credit. There are no exceptions to this policy and unopened items in perfect unused condition after 24 hours and within 15 days may be returned for a store credit only.


Deposits by their nature are non refundable. Triple Oaks LLC will only take a deposit in order to reserve an item, or live items, fresh flowers or book a date for our services such as wedding flowers, plant installations, and/or any service we provide . Such deposits are non refundable unless it is Triple Oaks chooses that it will not provide the products or service.


Payment in full is due at purchase time but in some instances a deposit is taken on an invoice and payment of the balance is expected at the time of the service performed, or one month before in the case of wedding flowers or other custom flowers, events or planting projects.

Deposits taken to reserve a time for our facility, deliveries of fresh or live products, our team members for labor, setup, installations etc…, or live plant material is NON refundable and when given indicates agreement to purchase said services and if canceled, the deposit is not refundable or applicable to other items as we would secure a date for service or a live product and take that off the market as you commit to it with your deposit.

A deposit is a firm commitment to purchase and is considered as a 50% payment against the invoice, with the remaining cost as an outstanding balance to be paid upon delivery or upon the service.

Plants Delivery Billing

On some occasions, plants will be delivered and paid on site. Payment is due upon receipt of the plant material. In the event that payment is not made upon delivery, a $25 accounting fee will be made and due. In cases of good faith and prompt payment, this may be waived. In the event of non payment, a monthly $25 late fee in addition to the highest finance charge allowed by law will be made. Finance charges and/or late fees are paid first before the merchandise on the invoice. Triple Oaks' Nursery and Herb Garden is many things, but finance and credit is not one of them. Credit Card companies and banks do excel at these functions and we do not elbow in on their business and we also accept cash, checks and credit cards for your convenience.

Triple Oaks LLC Live Plant Warranty Policy

Triple Oaks LLC Live Plant Warranty Policy - 6 month (cash & carry) and 2 year warranty (our installation)

Six-month Cash Carry Warranty: Triple Oaks LLC warrants that plants sold are true to name. Cash & Carry plant material purchased comes with a 6 month replacement warranty. You must have proof of death of the plant (an approved photo or the plant itself) as well as your receipt. In the absence of either, no warranty will be issued due to attempted fraud of this policy over the years. There are no exceptions to the proof of death and receipt requirements.

Two-year Warranty (Our Installation): Woody Plant material (Trees & Shrubs) installed by Triple Oaks LLC are covered by a 2 year replacement warranty. Woody plants installed by Triple Oaks LLC will be covered by our replacement warranty, perennials, herbaceous plants and any other plant material that is not a woody tree or shrub planted by Triple Oaks LLC is covered for 6 months. Installation and delivery costs are not covered under this warranty and will be billed and paid in full before installation of warranted materials. Installation charges that are discounted may affect this warranty and as stated this policy is based on payment of the fee for installation. If our crew helps you plant it as a favor, but you did not pay for installation, you are not covered by the 2 year warranty.

Live plant sale items discounted more than 25% are sold "As Is" and are not covered by any warranty and become the property and responsibility of the purchaser after the 24 hour period and cannot be returned under warranty if they die.

Conditions of Warranty Coverage

Triple Oaks LLC is only liable for the purchase price of a plant and is not liable beyond the purchase price of any item for any reason.

Plants sold at Triple Oaks Nursery are healthy and true to name. If a plant turns out to not be true to name, a credit for the purchase price will be issued.

For 2 year warranty coverage, you must pay the full installation amount within billing terms. Discounted plantings are not included.

If you have an issue with the health of a plant at purchase we recommend that you pick another within the crop, or let us know of any issue so it can be noted. Plants that become unhealthy or die due to lack of care or environmental conditions not favorable are not within the scope of this policy and will not be covered. Example, a crop of plants is here, one is sold and killed and returned to us for warranty coverage while those that remained under good care are fine. Please do not kill plants through neglect or poor care or poor use and expect us to warranty it. If you need any assistance with what to plant, where to plant it, or how to care for it, please do not hesitate in asking for our assistance, we want nothing more than your success as it indicates our success, please let us help you!

Plants purchased must be planted in the ground immediately. Plants not planted in the ground within 24 hours are void of warranty as pots can dry out and root systems exposed to stress due to conditions of heat, cold or dry and Triple Oaks LLC is not be liable for this situation.

Plants must be watered regularly. Newly installed plants should be watered very often until established and thereafter they should be watered as needed. Soil type (sand vs. clay) rainfall amounts, runoff conditions, atmospheric moisture, sun or lack of, and the variety of plant (wet, dry, shade, sun loving) and many other factors determine how much watering is needed and there is no mathematical answer or formula to "how much do I need to water" Its not that difficult to figure out by using common sense and as a last resort you may poke or dig down into the soil to see if it is very dry or saturated. Over watering in poorly drained soils can be just as bad as not watering. You may call or email Triple Oaks at any time and get free lifetime tech support on how to grow your plants, we can answer any question that you may have and urge you to let us help you with your plantings. Note that if a leaf turns brown from the outside tips and works inward, this generally indicates a watering problem (too much OR not enough).

Plants must be paid in full within billing terms or warranty will be voided, if payment is not made in full in advance it is due upon delivery. There is a $25 late charge on all orders not paid withing billing terms of due on receipt and this is charged every billing cycle of two weeks, as is the highest interest percentage allowed by law. We are a nursery, not a bank and our bank has agreed not to sell plants and we agreed not to make loans. We do accept most major credit cards for your convenience.

As always you can reach us with questions at (856)694-4272 or email us.

Insurance Estimates

Triple Oaks Nursery provides the service of insurance estimates. In the event that there is damage to your landscape or need for an insurance claim, qualified staff of Triple Oaks Nursery is available to document the damage and list replacement costs in writing. The cost of this service is $65 per estimate, or $150 if a site visit is needed (up to 1 hour on site includes digital photography as needed). All insurance claim fees may be applied towards the purchase of replacement plants at Triple Oaks Nursery making this service free but payment in full is required before the insurance estimate is given or at the site. This fee is for a service provided and is non refundable but may only be applied to the purchase of the replacements in the estimate when purchased at Triple Oaks Nursery. Triple Oaks Nursery is not liable for any legal issues and will only list the cost of like replacements and labor costs associated with such replacements and restoration.

Triple Oaks' Display Gardens

Feel free to walk and browse in our display gardens year round. The gardens are open during daylight business hours. You must stay on designated grass pathways and refrain from walking inside of the beds as there are many small plants, seedlings, dormant emerging rare plants etc.... Most people after being told to stay on the grass will walk right in the beds anyway. Once a lady told me that she was not doing any damage when I asked her to get on the grass, I then demanded that she get out of the bed and she protested then I had to point to her foot and the plant under it. Now I use tasers during garden tours. Just kidding. Also it is not permitted to dig plants up, cut flowers, take cuttings or seeds. We use our garden for stock plants and do not allow taking of materials from it. Please keep your kids from doing any damage within reason, they should definitely have fun though! Also, do not interfere with wildlife, if you encounter any wild animals please leave them alone. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Triple Oaks Floral Delivery Policies

Triple Oaks Florist makes local and non local floral deliveries. Residential deliveries include two attempts in the delivery charge. It is required that the sender provide Triple Oaks with the correct street address and the recipients phone number. We will always do our very best to get a delivery to the recipient but can not warrenty this if the incorrect address and phone number is provided. Upon the first delivery attempt, the delivery person will call and/or leave a hang tag at the residence. We will await response, if none we will contact the sender. Ultimately undeliverable items will be here for pickup if we are unable to locate the recipient. Floral arrangements are perishable items and hand made to order. When we receive an order and make a custom arrangement, it becomes the property of the sender and is non returnable and non refundable. We will make every effort to deliver and contact all parties envolved if there is a problem. The sender should have an idea and tell us when they order when it is likely to be able to make delivery.