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Big Tree Sale

Great Deal on Shade trees! 50% off installed price or pickup price.

Big Tree Sale runs from now until Monday July 12th, while supplies last!

Think about how much difference shade makes especially in the past week! Places with shade trees are cool and tolerable in this hot summer weather, places in full relentless sun are un-inhabitable!

Shade trees help keep you cool in summer! They reduce your energy bills and energy consumption!

They sequester carbon!

They basically make your life better and save the planet! What more could you ask for? OK sale prices, here we go! Awesome select good size shade trees at Triple Oaks nursery are 50% the installed price including Willow Oak, Red Maple, London Plane Tree, Redbud and American Elm! That makes the retail price the installed price. Many more trees included such as Linden, Buckeye, Dawn Redwood and many more!

Large landscape sized Balled and Burlapped trees only. 50% off installed price or 50% off pick up price*

*requires pick up truck or trailer due to size